Study Abroad

December 1, 2017

Extensive interview with Dr. Ekin Pellegrini, Dr. Joseph Rottman, and Cassie Filip. In this podcast we discuss the Study Abroad Program available for UMSL Business students. We discuss the many benefits this program can have for business students, while also brushing over the future of the program. 

Host: Joe Bamberger and Tom Fitzgibbons

Produced: Joe Bamberger, Tom Fitzgibbons, and Brendan Goodwin

Guests: Dr. Ekin Pellegrini, Dr. Joseph Rottman, and Cassie Filip

About Dr. Pellegrini, Dr. Rottman, and Cassie Filip:  Dr. Rottman is the Director of the International Business Institute, Department Chair, and a Professor of Information Systems at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Dr. Pellegrini is an Associate Professor of Global Leadership and Management at the College of Business Administration. Cassie Filip is a student at the University of Missouri - St. Louis, who is majoring in accounting. Cassie also took part in the Study Abroad program at UMSL.