The Digital Disruption

August 15, 2017

Technology, and specifically mobile technology, is advancing so quickly today that is it causing positive disruptions in how we do most anything from driving our cars, to ordering cabs to communicating with customers. In this podcast, Professor Perry Drake along with two of his Marketing Advisory Board Members Steve Bauer (a partner at FleishmanHillard), and Rick Spiekermann (the Digital Lead at Purina), discuss this disruption and how it is affecting, specifically, the field of marketing and communications and why it is imperative that colleges are properly preparing students for the new business world that is emerging ever so quickly.

Hosted By: UMSL business students Randy Thorburg and Jordan Fletcher and produced by Kathy To, Shante Gordon, Jordan Fletcher, Randy Thornburg, Emina Dizdarevic and Annie Mbale

Guests: Professor Perry Drake, Steve Bauer, and Rick Spiekermann