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How Local St. Louis Businesses have Adapted During Covid

November 24, 2020

Host: Aaron Toomey

Produced by: Aaron Toomey and Oscar Gordillo

Guests:  Brad Mertin & Brandon Holzhueter (Narwhal’s Crafted), Sebastian Montes (El Burro Loco), Danni Eickenhorst (Steve’s Hot Dogs)

About the Guests:

Brad Mertin and Brandon Holzhueter are the co owners of Narwhal’s Crafted, and they also own Pickleman’s on Laclede.

Sebastian Montes is the co owner of El Burro Loco and is in charge of the downtown location and their other location is in central west end.

Danni Eickenhorst is the co-owner of Steve’s Hot Dogs located in Tower Grove.

The UMSL Business Podcast wanted to have an open conversation about what local businesses are going through during the pandemic. Throughout production of the podcast, it was important that we were able to provide from insight to how businesses had to evolve and change because of the pandemic. 


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