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Interview with Van Liu - Snow Factory Owner and UMSL Alum

September 1, 2017

Description including participants:

Live interview from the University of Missouri - St. Louis, Sean Gabris interviews entrepreneur Van Liu on his recent business success of Snow Factory in St. Louis' University City/Delmar Loop.

Produced By: Hal Deane, Sean Gabris, Marc Wanninger, Jerry Strutynski, Chanti Harris-Walker and Curtis Hoffman.

Host: Sean Gabris

Guest: Van Liu

About Sno Factory: Opened in Fall of 2016 and has been operated by Van Liu and team as they have gained hype in the culturally diverse 

About Van Liu: Is a current student at the University of Missouri - St. Louis majoring in Business Administration and he will be a graduate as of May 2017.  Liu's passion is graphic design but he also enjoys making ice cream in a way St. Louisians and others have never experienced before.  As the window of Snow Factory reads, "We love to make ice cream for the city that loves to eat it."