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Live at the MDMC ‘17 - Interview with entrepreneur Sylvester Chisom

June 19, 2017

Live interviews with subject matter experts and speakers at the 2017 MDMC. 'In Your Business' interviews leaders in the industry sharing their insights and learnings at St. Louis Union Station.

Produced By: Hal Deane, Sean Gabris, Marc Wanninger, Jerry Strutynski, Chanti Harris-Walker and Curtis Hoffman.

Host: Sean Gabris

Guest: entrepreneur Sylvester Chisom

About MDMC: In 2013, the State of Digital Media Marketing Conference was born at the campus of the University of Missouri – St. Louis. The first was a half day event featuring prominent speakers mostly via Google Hangouts held at the J.C. Penney Conference Center at UMSL. The conference grew to a full-day in 2014, taking up all of the conference center, and by 2015, it was obvious the venue was too small as sessions, the exhibit hall and keynote were packed. Then in 2016, the event took over St. Louis Union Station, nearly doubling the capacity and attendance along with it. The conference also took on a rebrand, now known as the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, or MDMC for short. Last year MDMC set attendance records with a remarkable 1,367 marketers and friends, not to mention 300 wait listed persons. We trended on twitter both nationally, and internationally for 8 hours. The event hit a record this year of about 1,465 attendees.

About Sylvester Chisom: Is an education technology entrepreneur, He is the author of the best selling, “The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success 2.0”, Sylvester is a cofounder of the Education Entrepreneur incubator at UMSL where he helps develop and advise education tech companies, has been recognized as one of Ebony Magazine’s Top Young Entrepreneurs.

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