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Win at and with SEO with Dave Rohrer

June 14, 2018

In this podcast we talk with Dave Rohrer live from the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC18). We discuss the difference between paid search and organic search and how, or if, consumers recognize the difference; compare quality vs. quantity content; speak about the importance of the consistency between the mobile site and its desktop version, as well as highlight the focus on the user. 

Host: James Brandt

Produced: Brian Borgstede, James Brandt, Taylor Caputo, Khadijah Johnson, Blake Rudloff and Gus Wehmeier

About MDMC: the MDMC is the largest Digital Marketing Conference in the Midwest, and it boasts speakers annually from companies such as BuzzFeed, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, including some local talent. The conference was held in St. Louis Union Station on March 27-28 2018, featuring over 120 speakers, and offering about 80 sessions for more than 1,700 attendees.

About the Speaker: Dave Rohrer is Founder of Northside Metrics. He has spent more than 10 years as a web developer, SEO manager, and online marketing manager. He has also spent 5+ years at agencies where he worked directly with Internet Retailer 100 and Fortune 500 clients. Dave currently co-hosts "The Business of Digital Podcast" and runs his digital agency, where he helps a wide range of business sizes and models improve their digital marketing.


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