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The Importance of Students Obtaining Internships Prior to Graduation

August 1, 2017

Today’s business world is changing quickly. Silos at most companies are coming down. To stay competitive, businesses are becoming much more entrepreneurial in their processes and operations. To ensure students are ready for this quickly changing environment and hit the ground running as fast as possible, internships are almost a must. In this podcast, we chat with Lisa Fikki (the Intern Director within the College), Taylor Ernst, (a senior in the College who is now on his third internship), and Spenser Schmitt (an alumnus who graduated in 2014 but did not pursue an internship). The importance of internships and how to land a great intern opportunity are discussed from all three perspectives.

Hosted By: UMSL business students Shante Gordon and Annie Mbale and produced by Kathy.

Guests: Lisa Fikki, Taylor Ernst, and Spenser Schmitt