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The Benefit Of Taking Business Classes For Students of Different Majors

January 1, 2018

A thorough interview with Dr. Carl Hoagland and Tyler Beffa. In this podcast, we discuss the importance of business classes in relation to other majors, in partucular education majors. Dr. Hoagland and Tyler Beffa highlight the knowledge and skills one can learn from business classes and how to apply them in other areas.  

Host: Joe Bamberger

Produced: Joe Bamberger, Tom Fitzgibbons, and Brendan Goodwin

Guests: Dr. Carl Hoagland and Tyler Beffa

About Dr. Carl Hoagland and Tyler Beffa: Dr. Carl Hoagland is a former Emerson Electric Company Endowed Professor in Technology and Learning. He is also a Director of Technology for the College of Education and Co-Director of the Bachelor of Educational Studies Program. Tyler Beffa is a student in the Bachelor of Educational Studies Program, who is also taking some business courses at the College of Business Administration as part of his degree.