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Podcast with Amanda Robinson (The Digital Gal) - MDMC 2021

April 26, 2021

Host: Marina Prediger

Produced by Marina Prediger and Oscar Gordillo

Guest: Amanda Robinson (The Digital Gal)

About the Guest:

Amanda is the founder and CEO of The Digital Gal. She is widely recognized in the digital marketing industry as a Facebook ad expert, author, speaker, and consultant.

In this episode of “In your Business with UMSL Business Podcast” we ask Amanda about her career and professional projects within the Digital Marketing industry. Amanda explains and provides some insights and tips for Facebook Ads, and how these can help small to medium size businesses grow in the digital space. Amanda will be speaking live at MDMC on April 28th, so if you want to know more about Facebook Ads make sure sign up for her session on and follow her on social media @thedigitalgal.

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