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UMSL Accelerate: Entrepreneurial Podcast

November 1, 2017

In-depth interview with Dan Lauer, Chris Miller, and Alex Zwibleman, who are all part of the UMSL-Business entrepreneurial program. We talk about the basics, history, future, and what this program can do for business students alike.

Host: Joe Bamberger and Tom Fitzgibbons

Produced: Joe Bamberger, Tom Fitzgibbons, and Brendan Goodwin

Guests: Dan Lauer, Chris Miller, and Alex Zwibleman

About Dan Lauer, Chris Miller, and Alex ZwiblemanDan Lauer is the founding Executive Director of UMSL Accelerate and Founder of his company, Water Baby’s. Chris Miller is the founder and CEO of The Mission Center L3C and serves as Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Alex Zwibleman is a student at UMSL and a Business Management major who took part in the UMSL Accelerate Entrepreneurial Program. 

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